What To Bring On Your BWCA Canoe Camping Trip

1 pair of leather or rubber boots (for spring or fall trips)
2 pair boot socks (for spring or fall trips)
3 pair socks
2 pair underwear
2 pair trousers
3 T-shirts
2 Heavy wool, flannel, or chamois shirts
1 turtleneck shirt (for May, June, and end of August and September trips)
1 pair tennis shoes & 1 pair moccasins (or two pair tennis shoes)
1 bathing suit
1 light jacket
1 cap or hat
From the list above, you should only be packing the following items: (the rest you'll be wearing out in the wilderness)
2 pair socks                                            1 pair trousers
1 under shorts                                        2 T-shirts
1 heavy shirt                                           1 pair tennis shoes or moccasins

Also include the following items:

Pliers Rod Case Razor
Stringer Razor Blades Flashlight
Extra Batteries Suntan Lotion First Aid Kit
Fishing Rod Bath Towel Chapstick
Fishing Reel Toilet Kit Camera
Bait Fishing Net Film
Sunglasses Lighter Compass
Playing Cards Paperback Books Rain Gear
Sharp Knife Pocket Knife Filet Knife
Insect Repellent

For additional information:
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(800) 510-2947


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US Forest Service Info.

We are a Cooperator with the USDA Forest Service under the Superior National Forest. We issue permits into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), part of the National Wilderness Preservation System.